Coffee Cuff, Coffee Jacket, Coffee Sleeve, Coffee Cozy…

coffeecozy1 coffeecozy2I first saw little fabric-wrapped coffee mugs on Etsy (look how nicely these are sewn), and decided I should look for a tutorial.  Of course, I stumbled upon a really nice one at Skip To My Lou (again).  A great tutorial, but I need to elongate the pattern slightly to close the gap around, ahem, the Venti cup…  I probably should have noted that before I sewed about five of them, including one for the (currently sick) kid.  She was very happy with hers, after choosing the fabric and buttons. They all work great, and all of these were made using scraps leftover from other projects, along with buttons whose garments were long ago abandoned.coffeecozycoffecups coffeecozykaffee

Instead of fleece interfacing, which I recommend if you have it available, I used some leftover cotton batting in the center.  It would have been easier to sew (they are a bit wonky) if I had used interfacing instead.  Be sure to check that your fabrics are right-sides facing, that the long end of the hair elastic is sandwiched in there, and if you’re using batting, be sure it’s on the outside.  Good stuff, these!


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