Messenger bag for Spring

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Oh, orange, I just can't stay away from you.

Oh, orange, I just can’t stay away from you.

Do not fear the zipper!


I decided that I wanted a bright, cheery messenger bag for Spring.  I came across this terrific tutorial at No Time To Sew, and got crackin’.  This is, by far, one of the best tutorials for this sort of thing — great pictures, taken on a grid so it’s pretty clear what’s going on.  Big thanks to Aleah for posting it.  Also, I’ve never done an interior pocket by doubling over the fabric and sewing it shut to finish (as in the tutorial) —  it’s a great way to do it.

I used Moda High Street fabrics, Pellon SF101 interfacing for the interior and zip pocket, and Pellon Craft 801 interfacing for the flap and exterior.  I usually prefer woven interfacing because it gives strength but also avoids that weird creasing caused by other interfacing.  It came out fine, however.

The (really nice, shiny, nickel) hardware came from Michellepatterns on Etsy.  It was surprisingly difficult to find good hardware.  Joann has stopped selling it for the most part.  The source Aleah gives in her blog were out of 2″ rounded hardware, though their stuff looks good and I may try them again.  Their customer service is terrific, but they got back to me to say that they’d be out of slides for another month (!).  I buy zips from ZipIt on Etsy.  I was lucky I already had the right color (do a custom order and get a bunch, then practice without fear, because zippers are just fab).

Now, if I could just finish up that quilt…we never had a winter, and I just couldn’t get it together.  Hopefully soon, as I hate clutter.



5 thoughts on “Messenger bag for Spring

  1. What a fabulous and gorgeous bag! It really caught my eye. I wish I could make something like that – may be I will one day! PS. One child can make plenty of mess and clutter! My daughter is nearly thirteen and still cluttering!

    • Thank you so much,and you absolutely could make this bag if you do it in small steps. The part that takes FOREVER for me: cutting all the fabric. I find that if I am precise during this stage, the rest is much easier. I began with simple totes (still took forever!) and little bags for my daughter and her friends. And my seam ripper has been privy to a lot of cursing too.

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